Emmecosta – Brontos



Emmecosta is a Gothenburg based post-club trio comprised of Claudio, Alfonso, and Aldo.

Both Claudio and Alfonso are from Positano and grew up playing music together. Aldo is from Milan and moved to Sweden to study Anthropology of Art. The trio met and started making music.

In their own words they describe their music as alternative dream pop that “celebrates intimate landscapes through a melancholic stream that merges with dreamy vocal narratives.”

“When it comes to songwriting, or sound writing, we start from a small detail; a single piece of a huge puzzle, which is something dear to us. Then we build en epic scenario that evokes the truth of this modest little detail.”

Watch the video for ‘Brontos’ below. It has been co-directed by Jeremy Carne and Nikolas Kasinos, and showcases the dreamy soundscapes, urban beats and nordic coolness of Emmecosta.

Their upcoming debut EP ‘UNTIED’ will be out soon.

Sounds like: Tom Yorke, Bon Iver

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