Interview with Monogem



Monogem is LA-based singer/songwriter Jen Hirsch on the lead and Scott Smith heading up production. We had a chat with the duo.

Where did the name Monogem come from?
Scott and I were playing around with the word mono when trying to come up with a band name.  Monogem stuck, and once we discovered what a monogem actually is…we were sold.

Describe your sound in 3 words.
Groovy / Electro / Pop

What is your favourite Monogem track and why?
I would have to say “The Glow”.  It was the first song we finished which was the start of something exciting.  “The Glow” puts me in a mood every time I hear it — a mood that makes me want to close my eyes and shake my booty.

Why did you choose to have a live band perform with you?
Whenever a full band is an option, it is always the right one for me.  The energy on stage really gets the party going in my opinion.  We have had to play stripped down shows which I still enjoy, but I like the fact that every show can be different and have that certain element of surprise we could only get with a group of talented musicians.

Are there plans for a tour across the pond?
No plans yet, but definitely in the near future.

We love new music at Indietronica. What new music are you listening to?
New Michael Jackson!!!  And also the new Tycho album.

Sounds like: ASTR, July Child, Mons Montis, Robyn, Lights, Chvrches, Palmedo

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