Prinze George – Victor


There’s not a whole lot of info about new kids on the scene Prinze George, but their two singles ‘Victor’ and ‘Children in the Audience’ landed in our inbox, and we couldn’t not post about them!

Most recent single, ‘Victor’, is a stark, emotional electronic piece with an addictive chord sequence and uplifting vocal melody, and it is quite simply, breathtaking. ‘Children in the Audience’ on the other hand, is a more shimmery pop tune, invoking dreamlike thoughts, layering synth upon synth in a complex, sophisticated expression.

Prinze George are a trio from Brooklyn, NY, and we are expecting big things from them in the near future. Their debut EP is due for official release at some point this spring.

Sounds like; Kyla la Grange, Banks, MS MR, Indiana, X Priest X

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