Until The Ribbon Breaks – Romeo

Until the Ribbon Breaks 

Welshman Pete Lawrie Winfield aka Until The Ribbon Breaks draws on past musical genres spanning the the 90s, with sounds reminiscent of Tricky, Primal Scream and Massive Attack. His debut EP on Soundcloud (which you can listen to here, and purchase here) includes a touch of hip-hop a smidgen of rap, alongside with a more recent indie-electro crossover sound, with warm synth layers resounding throughout.

Alongside Until the Ribbon Breaks’ melting pot of sounds, there is an alluring visual aspect, with the video for single ‘Romeo’ paying a homage in its entirety to the popular 90s film starring Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio; a modern take on Romeo & Juliet. The track is emotional and inherently sad, though the somewhat uplifting chord sequences do add fullness to create a truly epic song. 

Sounds like; Thomas Azier, Graingerboy, M83, Washed out
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