Graingerboy – Silent Universe EP & Interview


Electronic-music veteran Simon Grainger aka Graingerboy is from Leeds, UK, and has recently unveiled 7-track EP ‘Silent Universe’ out now on PopCrisis and is available for purchase here.

Having worked with Kitsune’s DJ Jerry Bouthier, Ian Catt (Saint Etienne), Simon Phipps and Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream/Sabres Of Paradise), Graingerboy is certainly getting a lot of attention and is one to watch over the next few months.

The EP is a product of a challenging couple of years in Grainger’s personal life. As a whole, it is a varied, melodic masterpiece, and there are clear 90s sampling influences within, yet the use of overdriven synths and straight up drum loops gives an additional 80s feel, ranging from disco to Balearic.

Graingerboy was kind enough to give Indietronica an interview, the answers from which you can read below. 

How did you get the name Graingerboy?
It’s my nickname ! I’m stuck with it now. Lots of people ask me when am I going to drop the boy and I’m thinking it maybe about time. After I’ve finished promoting ‘Silent Universe’, I’m working on an abstract electronica project, so the thinking is that may be the right time.

How would you describe your sound?
I’m a Singer-Songwriter essentially, but I use electronics to soundtrack my stories. I generally write on a piano and then build electronic soundscapes around those tracks. I like to add live instruments where possible too, just to mix things up a bit. I’m not the easiest person to categorise and I like that.

How would you say your sound have changed thoughout your musical career?
It’s changed fairly dramatically to be honest. I used to be a huge pop and dance music fan, but over time I’ve moved away from that and started to explore ‘the darker side’ of my alter-ego. I love everything from abstract-electronica to country and western and the pop mould obviously doesn’t always allow for too much experimentation. I’m now able to incorporate just about anything I want as there aren’t any rules as far as I’m concerned. I’m a huge fan of the braver musicians in the music world who like to take risks. Saying that however, I always like to try and get a few ‘big songs’ (like Vintage) on a release.

What’s shows have you played recently and what was most memorable?
Unfortunately I had to stop playing live a few years ago when I was diagnosed with M.E.. The amount of energy and adrenalin involved in a live show is unbelievable and on the couple of times I’ve tried it’s made me very ill for weeks. I’m on the mend now so hopefully it’ll happen again in the next few years. One thing I love is taking my songs out live. There’s nothing like it.

What do you have lined up for the future?
Time off first! I’ve been pretty prolific in the last 2 years so I’m ready for a bit of a break. There’s a few one-off collaborations and remixes in the pipeline and then an instrumental electronica EP which I’m really looking forward to working on.

What influences your music?
Groundbreaking Electronica labels such as Warp, Detroit Techno from the late 80’s/early 90’s and Synth bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, alongside the more interesting solo artists of my generation; Bjork, Stina Nordenstam, Loney Dear, Nick Cave Ani Difranco and Kate Bush.

What new music are you listening to at the moment?
I’m currently really enjoying music by Jon Hopkins, Nick Cave, Emiliana Torrini, Alison Moyet, Laura Veirs, Public Service Broadcasting, Microfilm and John Grant. 2013 has been a great year for albums so far….This list could go on A LOT!

Sounds like; Jagwar Ma, Saint Etienne, Depeche Mode
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