MS MR – Hurricane


MS MR (pronounced ‘Ms. Mister’) are a duo from New York who make alluring pop-indietronica. Hurricane is out May 13th and is a mysterious track, darkened by use of minor chords. The distinctive vocal style from Lizzy Plapinger manages to uplift and energise the track, however, and producer Max Hershenow creates a wonderful soundscape to accompany this.

Their debut album ‘Secondhand Rapture’ is released 14 May 2013 via Columbia Records. Each song will be accompanied by a visual treatment, which MS MR call ‘Secondhand Captures’. The duo do seem keen to create weird and slightly disturbing videos with an American vibe, with their last single ‘Fantasy’ featuring cheerleaders vomiting glitter.

Chvrches also did a cool remix of this song

MSMR can be found at Facebook Twitter and Soundcloud

Sounds like: Metric, Charli XCX