The F16s – Easy Bake Easy Wake

The F16‘s are a notable Indian alt-pop band that have previously been noticed by Rolling Stone as artists to watch. Their smoothly executed new effort ‘Easy Bake Easy Wake’ looks at a surreal and sultry summertime. Their quirky press shots are accompanied by a need to defy the allure of stardom, and the rejection that they feel it brings.

Sounds like: Breakup Shoes

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Harry Edwards – I Hope You Hear

Sweetly sad, Harry Edwards revealed an intimate video for new single, ‘I Hope You Hear’. The deeply poetic single is accompanied by intimate snapshots showing memories of a close relationship. Arguably, the most mundane moments like this, are the most important.

Sounds like: SOHN


Emilia Tarrant – September

Emilia Tarrant‘s ‘September’ is a powerfully melancholic release that is said to be Emilia’s favourite release from her Honeymoon Phase EP. Written in September last year, Emilia used the time to reflect on 2020. There are clever moments of inspiration from the month in the lyrics, ‘ berries are bitter, the swallows have flown’.

Sounds like: FLOWVERS

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Drex Carter – Idk

An Orlando based rapper and member of seeyousoon have joined for this ‘IDK’ visual. Filmed over the course of four years, the intention of the video is to demonstrate multiple timelines and simulated realities. Altogether, it aims to accept the uncertainty of everyone’s future.

Sounds like: Trick James


Crypto – All The Small Things (ft. updog)

With visuals that can be likened to futurama, Crypto embraces this other-worldly aesthetic, presenting songs and bands that he listened to during his teenage years. Of the latest offering and story of Crypto’s time on earth (as opposed to his alien background), updog says, “Crypto told me that it reminded them of their time on Earth. They followed this by insisting I get back into the vocal booth to record the vocals. Alien abduction is definitely not fun, but at least singing, and recreating, a Blink-182 anthem helps make it a bit more bearable.”f

Sounds like: Airmow


Mulimba – Here I Go

MULIMBA combines soul and indie influences in new track, ‘Here I Go’. Drawing on powerful images of freedom marches, MULIMBA shares, “Here I Go is a tune we wrote during the Black Lives Matter protests in London. It’s weird because I was struggling with my own sense of weakness at the time, and the protests really lifted me up, so the song sort of hits both those nails at the same time. It’s about how we treat each other, and how you treat yourself.”

Sounds like: Run The Jewels, Jacob Banks, Gorillaz

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LOR – Sip

Toronto’s newest singer-songwriter LOR follows her debut single with ‘Sip’. The single is described as an emotional diary entry from LOR. When your emotions are in the hands of another, “it becomes a sick, fun game that you can’t stop playing”. 

Sounds like: Vaults

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Safiyyah – Let You In

Safiyyah has created a song for herself. The lyrics described a certain character that’s reserved at times, but can come to life around the right people. She says that, “being introverted but selectively extroverted, letting someone into my world, leaving motives way too soon.”

Sounds like: RADA

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Murdo Mitchell – Faded

Murdo Mitchell is the bold Glaswegian songwriter behind ‘Faded’. In the track, Murdo talks about a darkness that lies within everyone. “When you spend a lot of time with your own mind everything starts to come up out the woodwork, things from the past that you’ve done wrong, things that of others who have done you wrong and it can bring with it a sort of sinister revenge type of feeling – wanting to get back at life for the fact that you are living.”

Sounds like: Jose Gonzales, Ben Howard, Daughter

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Metteson – Under Your Shirt

Metteson is a pop artist that is following on from his critically acclaimed EP, ‘Convince Me’. With ‘Under Your Shirt’, Metteson confesses that he hasn’t yet experienced what he calls the ‘love of his life’. But, he’s learned to receive love in the first moments of kindness in a relationship

Sounds like: Perfume Genius. Robyn, Shura

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Bad Pop – Heartache On The Reddit Boards

Bad Pop are a Candian band born from (what they describe as) dusty music and an abundance of comedy clubs in Vancouver. Their mutual taste in music and humour turned the friends into eight years into music creation. Talking of their new single, they say,“The song is written through the perspective of a young artist who feels like they’re special and deserving of success, whose purpose is to have an audience, how they get it or what they say in front of it doesn’t really matter. So we wanted to use footage that had a real performative feel to it but also hinted at this vapid, perception based internet culture that we live in, where attention is the goal in itself” 

Sounds like: My Bloody Valentine

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Nora Lilith – Daysof8

‘Daysof8’ is a darkly warped new track by mesmerising artist, Nora Lilith. The Majestic Casual signing drops an equally creative visual that embraces her skill, and love, for DIY and everything that goes with it. Each moment experienced is inspired (and tinted) by the overwhelming feeling of not being good enough.

Sounds like: James Blake


Sophie Kilburn – My Room Made Public

Sophie Kilburn‘s ‘My Room Made Public’ questions intentions and movements with gritty angst. It’s an inquisitive exploration of modern age and its need to share every second. She asked why sharing is associated with identity and relatability. And importantly, is it associated with bravery?

Sounds like: Joni Mitchell

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Summer Heart – Insecurities

Summer Heart is a futuristic artist that delivers wavy alt-pop gems. Speaking about the EP, he said, “I worked on Insecurities together with my two friends Joakim Buddee and Myra Granberg. It was like time was standing still when these songs came about. Nothing on the outside mattered and we were in our own little world right there in a basement somewhere in Stockholm. I had inner peace in that moment and that is what Insecurities is about; when you are captured by the beauty of a certain moment and you forget about everything else.”

Sounds like: Millionyoung

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Jazz Mino – Sorry Ur Bored



With youthful impatience, Jazz Mino unveils pop injection ‘Sorry Ur Bored’. The lyrics explore the period of frustration in a breakup where you are, quite literally, just over it. Jazz Mino’s approach to songwriting is energetic and addictive, with a touch of childhood zest thrown in.

Sounds like: Shura, Maggie Rogers,  MUNA

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Adeline FEat. KAMAUU – Stages

With a bold, sultry vocal, Adeline is the French-Caribbean singer, bassist and producer behind ‘Stages’. Over the past year, Adeline admits to embarking on a journey to find a deeper meaning to her musical experience. Within her sound, she finds the ability and strength to fight racism, as well as finding a musical oasis in both writing and recording, ‘I can always find a magical place to go to.’

Sounds like: Lianne Le Havas

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Ayelle – Still A Boy

ayelle still a boy

Swedish-Iranian, LA-based nu-r’n’b goddess Ayelle is almost ready for the release of her debut LP “VIII“.

The latest single off of it, is titled “Still a Boy” and it’s a haunting soul/r&b ballad about falling out of love with someone who’s not ready to match one’s growth.

Speaking about the song, she says: “It can be incredibly difficult to leave a relationship when the other person doesn’t want to let you go. Whilst writing this I was trying to ease my own guilt around a recent break up, reminding myself of my reasons and the fact that ultimately every person is responsible for their own happiness.

ICYMI, listen also to the her previously released singles: the slow burning jam “Options” and the pop banger “Nights2Long

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All The Rest – Heat Sweat

all the rest heat sweat

Indie pop band All The Rest had became one of the most promising independent acts of the newcomers scene. With a long series of pop bangers, the project gained attention from both tastemakers and dsps. Then 2020 arrived and the band announced an indefinite hiatus.

Frontmen/singers Caleb Smith and Baylee Waller, at the beginning of 2021, realized All The Rest were still alive.

Today we’re finally able to listen to their brand-new single titled ‘Heat Sweat‘, the first song off of their upcoming self-titled sophomore EP, which will be released later this year.

Speaking about their new formation and the comeback single, they explained: “We are incredibly excited to release ‘Heat Sweat’ as our first single in over a year. As for most, 2020 brought it’s fair share of challenges for us as both individuals and a band. Last summer we announced All The Rest would be on an indefinite hiatus. Covid alone may have been enough to kill off a lot of our pier’s bands, but for us it went a little bit deeper than music. None of us were in a great place and there was a lot of internal resentment. Somewhere along the way we let our passions undermine our personal relationships. Then life got crazy. From rehab and recovery, to major breakups and family crises. It was a hell of a year but it was a time we desperately needed to focus on ourselves. Flash forward to 2021, all in a much better place, but still asking ourselves “Are we really done? Is that all we have to say?”. For some of us, sadly, its true, but All The Rest still has music to write and a story to tell. We’ve always poured our hearts into our music and we believe this new song is nothing short of that. ‘Heat Sweat’ is a song for anyone who’s ever been stuck in the friend zone. We hope you love it

Sounds like: LANY, joan., The 1975

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Enda Gallery – Cowboy Coffee

Enda Galllery‘s new single is beautifully surreal. ‘Cowboy Coffee’ talks about a world of hedonism that is experienced through the eyes of an innocent newcomer. Talking about the track, he says, I was living with my girlfriend at the time, but her parents were very religious so when her father visited, we had to pretend we didn’t live together, so I had to stay at an Airbnb.  There was ground coffee but nothing to make it with, so we made it like the cowboys used to make – simply adding the hot water and letting the coffee settle on the bottom and drinking. That’s where the name came from.”

Sounds like: delush

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The F16s – I’m on Holiday

This idyllic holiday banger injects endless sun into your day. Aptly named ‘I’m on Holiday, The F16‘s are a quirky indie group that just want that delightful holiday glow, forever. The topic is intentionally nostalgic after being written in lockdown, yearning for the sweet release of time away.

Sounds like: Breakup Shoes

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Love Level – Love Level

Love Level create electronic-leaning indie music that is intriguing and sophisticated. As part of their EP, Love Level is an atmospheric release that pushes vocals to the forefront. As part of a wider self-titled EP, the pair tackle expectations and uncertainty that faces the creative industries today.

Sounds like: Japanese House, James Blake, Glass Animals

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seeyousoon – NO DAYLIGHT

seeyousoon are a 9-piece rap effort behind new single, ‘No Daylight’. Speaking of the track, they say, “Our descent into true form. Welcome to the show. The single was inspired by Berlin’s electronic music scene. When we sat down to produce the track, there was a convention by the name of Mussikmesse taking place in Germany at the time. One of our producers was keeping up with the coverage of the event and felt inspired to make a track that pulled a lot of energy from Germany’s rich history in dance music culture.”

Sounds like: AG Club

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Ruby Francis – Let Me In

Featuring the epic Blue Lab Beats, fresh single ‘Let Me In’ was born after a car ride to a festival. Ruby Francis splits her time between London, LA and Japan and calls upon her British, Jamaican and Italian roots in her work.

Sounds like: MAAD

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Reyn Hartley – Time

reyn hartley 'time'

Fast rising unsigned artist Reyn Hartley goes pop on his latest single ‘Time‘.

Known for his sultry-rasp on rap records, for the first time we hear the Texas native sings all the way through. He croons powerhouse vocals over a signature flow and rhythm, carrying his low rasp into massive high belts as he paints a visual that will hit you right in the chest and give you flashbacks of that special someone you lost.

Built upon a classy, Mark Ronson-esque production, this is Hartley’s most accessible song to date. A pop banger you shouldn’t miss.

Speaking about the song, he explains: “When you care for someone it all gets laid out on the table. The record is about that internal panic of meeting and falling for someone that has had a different walk in life than you have. Am I reading this situation right? Are they going to be okay with my background and my past? It’s that paranoia, that fear that comes with the vulnerability of realizing you love someone.

Sounds like: nobody else

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Maddox Jones – Somewhere There’s A Plan

This Northhampton-based artist has produced a high-octane single, ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan’. Maddox Jones is infectiously positive with his injection of energetic future-pop. It’s a groovy effort that captures joy in uncertainty and pushes you to feel faith in your future.

Sounds like: Bombs Away

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LYR – Winter Solstice (Daniel Avery remix)

This Daniel Avery rework of LYR‘s poignant ‘Winter Solstice’ is expansive and beautiful. It’s a sophisticated injection that continues to highlight the poet laureate’s role in the group. Nearly five minutes long, Avery’s fresh interpretation of this remix nods delightfully to the original.

Sounds like: Special Request

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Tommy Lefroy – Knievel

Tommy Lefroy explode with turbulent times in their new track, ‘Knievel’. They cover heavy expectations you can put on yourself, and the journey that leads to hopeful, easy acceptance. When you feel yourself, are you happy? And how long will that take?

Sounds like:  Lucy Rose, Daughter, Fenne Lilly

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Cameron and the Slumberknights – Old Jacinto

With an easy, delectable beat, Cameron and the Slumberknights inject soulful harmonies and driving, pop-infused lyrics with new single ‘Old Jacinto’. The track imagines and works to create a whole new world. A world or new life that is made with the ruins left of another.

Sounds like:  Loyle Carner

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Gillian Heidi – 3AM

Gillian Heidi explores the uneasy feelings of fear that get mixed up in love. ‘3AM’ comes from Gillian’s debut album. Of the release, Gillian says, “I’ve been building 3AM for almost 2 years now, and I have never been more proud of music I’ve released. To me, the album is all about growing up, falling apart, and coming back together. It is my coming of age story.”

Sounds like:  Taylor Swift

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CAPYAC – ooeeooeeoo

CAPYAC are a fantastically cheeky LA crossover duo. Their bass-ladened new single, ‘ooeeooeeooo’, is obscure, surreal and full of theatrics. Know for their riotous, extravagant behaviour, the single does not disappoint. Combining elements of techno, trap jazz and nu-disco, these two aren’t afraid of experimentation.

Sounds like: Franc Moody

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Sam Walwyn – Littered Sense of You

Sam Walwyn has released an uplifting, atmospheric new single, ‘Littered Sense of You’. Of the new track, he said, “After nearly a year of a bad end to a relationship I realised ohh if I’m still thinking about them so much then I’m clearly not over them. All this time I’ve been convincing myself I was over them and comparing any current relationship to that previous one. This is when I realised ahh man I’m way more heartbroken than I thought I was, so I wrote Littered Sense of You”.

Sounds like: Tadhg Daly

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Sam Teskey – Love

Sam Teskey, of Australian blues-soul band The Teskey Brothers, has announced his debut solo album, ‘Cycles’. The album is influenced by great psychedelic bands of the late ’60s & ’70sThe first track from the album ‘Love’ is out now, it’s a stirring, pastoral folk song that establishes the album’s own life cycle, ending with the reprise ‘Then Love Returns’.

Sounds like: Casa Rosa

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Volleyball – Aloosh


Volleyball are as psychedelic as they look. Behind new track, ‘Aloosh’, Volleyball reveal more deliciously carefree, swirling melodies. With lashings of guitar, the track nods to the prominence of 60’s specific psych-rock through visions of warped paisley and beards galore.

Sounds like: Tame Impala, Pond, Temple

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Ruby Duff – Party

With a bold image surrounding (what seems to be) teenage girl rebellion, Ruby Duff has dropped quirky pop effort, ‘Party’. The track focuses on the severe aftermath of a particularly heavy weekend. The accompanying visual is reminiscent of the colourful, innocent eeriness of Alice in Wonderland … “I get dressed up just to party”.

Sounds like: Maggie Rogers, Lorde, MUNA

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Elaskia – Can’t Help Loving You

ELASKIA‘s new single, ‘Can’t Help Loving You’, is perfectly described as cinematic, emotively led pop. Simplistic piano lets ELASKIA’s pure vocal ability shine through. ELASKIA shares, “I wrote this song after someone really let me down. They really promised a lot more than they were willing to give, and it felt like they went from being this major part of my life to literally dropping off the face of the earth. I guess the part that really frustrated me was that even though I felt extremely hurt I didn’t hate them and at the end of the day I still think the world of them, but some relationships aren’t meant to stay close and it can be a really scary thing accepting that and letting go”.

Sounds like: Dua Lipa

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Smokehouse – Too Many

smokehouse too many

Canadian duo Smokehouse is the project of Daniel MacKenzie and Peter Mol, two musicians who were introduced through mutual friends in 2010 at a music festival at which they were both performing.

In a quick-cook instant pop dominated scenario, they carve their own path and take time to sculpt the songs exactly how they want them. Their ability to experiment musically without limits is due to the two separate studios in Edmonton & Nashville, that boast an impressive array of both vintage and modern recording equipment. Producing, engineering, and performing everything themselves, their unique process keeps everything in-house and gives them total creative control.

After the release of their first 2 singles (which both hit #1 on Hype Machine and were listed on Fresh Finds), the damn pandemic slowed down their plans, but they’re finally back on track with ‘Too Many‘, a multi-layered alt-pop song you should immediately add to your playlist.

Speaking about it, they said: “‘Too Many’ was a song that took its time unfolding. Originally it started as a vibe worktape in LA with Jon Joseph. It came back home with us and eventually became the floating psych experience it is now after a couple years of identity crisis, and has become one of our favorite songs we’ve ever worked up.

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Forester – She Said

forester the flood

Forester, the rising LA-duo signed to Kygo’s Palm Tree Records, have just returned with a new single titled ‘She Said‘.

It’s the perfect song for the summer. A dream-pop tinged gem, full of sun kissed textures and waterfalls of jangly guitars.

Speaking about it, they said: “‘She Said’ is a completely new sonic direction for us. It was originally written for a documentary about a surf trip Xander took to the Pacific Northwest. When the documentary fell through, we listened back to the demo and decided to finish it together as a Forester track. It’s a song about living in the spur of the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures the world has to offer.

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